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What's Center Power Motive Power System Solutions For Industrial Vehicles

Center Power battery system solutions provide ultra safe, longer lifespan, more power, lighter weight and environmentally friendly for different low-speed industrial vehicles, it deeply helps to improve the working efficiency and value more in long term.

Why upgrade to Center Power Lithium Battery Solution?

More in power, less in weight
Center Power adopt advanced lithium iron phosphate batteries teleology, compared to conventional lead acid batteries, lifepo4 batteries typically weigh one-third less and provide up to 50% more energy than traditional flooded, AGM, or GEL lead-acid batteries, and lifepo4 batteries provide more power.

Eco- friendly
Lithium iron phosphate does not contain any harmful heavy metal elements, pollution-free both in production and actual use, it is good for environment, and easy operation, but lead acid batteries maybe have potential pollution when working.

Save cost in long time
Zero maintenance for lifepo4 battery, so no daily work and cost.

Quick charge
Support fast charge, shorten the charging time. Center Power lithium batteries offer low resistance, that makes much faster charging. Lead-acid batteries lose power quickly during discharge.


Center Power Intelligent Technologies

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Support Remote Diagnosis

> Users can send the historical data of the battery through the Bluetooth mobile APP, so as to analyze the battery data and troubleshoot any issues.

Bluetooth Monitoring

> Upgrade to Center Power battery system solutions with Bluetooth, detect the battery status at any time, it is very convenient!

2.Bluetooth Monitoring
3.Center Power provide perfect size solutions

Center Power provide perfect size solutions

> Same battery voltage, same capacity, but smaller in size, lighter in weight, heavier in power!

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